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“I have no political leanings whatsoever,” said Rabbi Wallerstein. For those of you Yidden without a TV, here is what Wikipedia says about the Jerry Springer Show: The Jerry Springer Show is ostensibly a talk show where troubled or dysfunctional families come to discuss their problems before a studio audience so that the audience or host can offer suggestions on what can be done to resolve their situations.

“But I am very political when it comes to toeivas Hashem and His name. This is my chance to stand up and vote for Hashem.” Rabbi Wallerstein said that he is further committed to making the same statement in future elections against any other Orthodox politician who supports gay rights. In actuality, the show has come to epitomize the so-called "trash TV talk show",[2] as each episode of the show focuses on topics such as adultery, zoophilia, divorce, homophobia, incest, infidelity, pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, racism, strange fetishes, dwarfism, or transvestism, which frequently result in fighting between guests.

The Jerry Springer Show has received widespread criticism and caused many controversies for a variety of reasons including its elements of prurience, explicit language and the exploitation of the vulnerable.[3] Its refreshing to know that there are rabbonim who will blindly endorse a candidate on a single issue without even knowing the candidate and his other positions on matters of potentially even greater importance to yidden living in that district.

Numerous organizations have cropped up over the years for tending to the needs of the sick, the impoverished, the mentally challenged, the special-needs population, and others. He even has a fashionable Chup (Yiddish for hair that is a bit too long in the front). apparently Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein does dabble in Kabalah. Yes, my friends we sinners were all spared punishments so that we could do Teshuva and mend our ways. Who knew that all we need to do is look in a book about Kabalah and presto… But to Gabriel Sasson for providing the Kaparos for our sins. Woodcliff Lake, NJ - In a fiery speech delivered on Sunday at the 91st Agudah convention at the Hilton in Woodcliffe Lake, NJ, Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein took today’s education system to task for not meeting the many challenges facing today’s generation and for their failure to imbue children with a love of Torah and yiddishkeit.Pointing the finger of blame squarely at our current leadership, Askumim, and community leaders, Rabbi Wallerstein spoke candidly, passionately and at times forcefully on difficult issues that most have been afraid to vocalize publicly.“I called my Rebbi, in Israel, Rabbi Gamliel Rabinovich, who told me to make a machaa, a public statement saying that I am completely against this.