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In fact, people with Asperger's syndrome often show intense focus, highly logical thinking, and exceptional abilities in math or science."Individuals at the most able end of the autistic spectrum have the most hidden form of this disorder, and as a result, these individuals and their family are often the most disadvantaged in terms of getting a diagnosis.Because they have higher IQs, high-functioning adults are able to work out ways to compensate for their difficulties in communication or in social functioning that are based on logical reasoning." So if you are a very smart AS person, it might not be obvious that you have it, especially because if you have difficulty reading social situations you might not realize that you are having difficulty reading social situations, rather you'll just experience other people being mean and think that the world is just full of mean people. For example this website talks about what AS in kids tends to be like: One of the most disturbing aspects of Higher Functioning children with Aspergers (HFA) is their clumsy, nerdish social skills.Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor Jeffrey Heile said during the hearing that the plea deal allows Clements to request parole after serving a certain number of years that the judge will determine. Judge Tom Heekin will impose the sentence on June 7.Heile said multiple child pornography files were found on Clements’ computer.

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