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Experiencing issues / problems with OLE (eg Excel) Objects within a drawing file, the below information might just help resolve such issues / problems....Links: Autodesk Knowledge Base: ID: TS21115 - OLE defined ID: TS21721 - Modify properties of OLE object ID: TS76460 - Requirements to copy or paste Microsoft Excel OLE objects ID: TS17397 - Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets is truncated when pasted into drawing ID: TS21203 - Control visibility of OLE objects ID: TS21730 - Limitations of using OLE objects ID: TS17736 - Pasting OLE objects as Auto CAD® objects ID: TS72985 - OLE object does not update in Auto CAD® when source document is saved ID: TS21095 - Updating OLE links in a drawing ID: TS74385 - Linked Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is not displayed correctly ID: TS59829 - Auto CAD Entities option not listed in Paste Special dialog box ID: TS1059077 - Rotating OLE objects AUGI Forum: Open a DWG with a MS Excel OLE, it somehow truncates the embedded text.Microsoft has used the term OLE to mean different things, so to understand this claim, we need to look into the details of what OLE is.Afterwards, we'll delve into the object model OLE is based upon, COM.

Recently the password has been changed in the server, to get the updated data i need to change the password in qlikview script also.

Actual applications of OLE will appear in the next and the following chapters.

Part of the confusion related to OLE technology comes from the fact that Microsoft has used this name for different purposes.

Only problem now is, after it exits from the OLE object, it seems to re-size the object in the document.

Hi there, I used the code from to get access to an hssfworkbook embedeeded in to a slideshow.