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They allege that in the course of an online relationship between the victim and a man she knew as Tim James, the suspect asked for intimate images, which she provided.

Investigators say these requests “escalated into demands” for the woman to perform sex acts on webcam.

The Snowy Owl parents are nearby and they see everything with their super-powered eyesight.

They are paying close attention to us, so there may be a chick nearby. This is chick number 788, according to the last three digits on the leg band Holt put on weeks ago.

We strike out across the soggy tundra in the vicinity of the live camera to see if we can spot the little ones.

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However, federal laws prohibit common bawdy houses, establishments like brothels and dominatrices' dungeons, and the solicitation of sexual services.Its logo — a silhouette of a corseted woman in high-heeled boots, holding an umbrella with one arm and flexing her bicep with the other — doesn't have much in common with mainstream labour organizations.And unlike unions that represent pipefitters, deli clerks or government workers, it advocates for people whose work is often regarded as illegitimate, and in some cases, illegal.This is an overview of traffic cameras available in the Butler County area.The Butler County Sheriff’s Office provides three cameras in Hamilton along State Route 129.Police say the woman initially complied but as the alleged demands became more extreme, she went to police.